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    Glyndale Kennels and Cattery, Workington

Welcome to Glyndale Kennels and Cattery

Glyndale Kennels and Cattery have been providing accommodation for pets in and around Workington, Cumbria, for over half a century.

Over the years their facilities have been improved upon and added to, and the business and what they have to offer you has gone from strength to strength. Glyndale Kennels and Cattery offer premium accommodation for your pets while you are away or on holiday, for great prices and always with a service and amenities of the highest standard of quality.
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Dog Kennels

We can take dogs of all shapes and sizes! All the kennels are modern with tiled floors and walls and outside runs are all centrally heated. Dogs are walked three times per day. We have quiet kennels for old or timid dogs…

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Cat Chalets

A luxury, purpose-built cattery, most modern of its kind, being of uPVC construction. Chalets have an outside play area with sun balconies for your cat’s enjoyment. Indoor chalets have safe underfloor heating for total comfort.

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Small Animals

We don’t just look after dogs and cats! We have high quality facilities to look after your other types of small pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and more.

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Domestic Birds

Domestic Birds can be tricky to find accommodation for when you go on holiday. At Glyndale Kennels we have the facilities and expertise necessary to look after your pet bird properly while you are away!

Inquire today to find out if we can accommodate your pets while you are away!

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COVID-19 Annoucement

We understand that a lot of companies are currently closing shop or have already closed due to the current pandemic. We would like to take the time to reassure all of our customers and let them know that we are still open for business as normal! All of our employees are following strict hygiene protocols to ensure both your safety and theirs. Alongside this we are using gloves and sanitising gels/sprays frequently to mitigate risks and ensure safety. If you have any enquiries as to our services, please to not hesitate to call on 01900 602 959 or email us on